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Cleaning Out Your Closet

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Let's start off with a little housekeeping. Many have been credited for the quote " you can't heal what you don't reveal," it recently gained much traction after being used by billionaire rapper Jay-Z. Its origin is not as important as it's meaning. Why is it relevant? It is my mission to help you manifest your wildest dreams, both personally and personally and because suppressing pain, anger, and guilt or hiding behind insecurities makes you a hostage to your thoughts and your fears. Guilt, shame, and fear are some of the most destructive forces in life. It will prevent you from elevating in your career and your relationships with any and everything around you.

The moment you make room and clear that space, your dreams can press through, your true desires can manifest. I know because I have been through it. There was a time when my goals were too big for my mindset. I wouldn't allow my self to dream too big, and I was terrified to even write some of those dreams down. But I grew tired of being too uncomfortable, stuck and afraid to take the leap. So I started doing the work.

Doing the work

Let's get clear on what's holding you back and what's no longer serving you. What is your truth? How do you reveal it? Well, what are some of the things you say to yourself every day? Start taking note of the ides that consume your mind and reframing them in a way that sheds light instead of set fire to your dreams. It starts with hope, having the audacity to believe you can.

Starting this blog, helping other women to heal and trust their inner voice was an a dream, an idea in my head for years before I was able to manifest it. I was unsure where to start, what to say, how to build a site and I grew intimidated. At times it felt too big to conceive. Can you relate to that feeling?

Do you know that in your heart that you are called to do something more but you are having trouble figuring it out? I encourage you to trust yourself and start putting serious thought into building your legacy and follow it with action. How do you want to be remembered? What are you doing when you feel like you are at your best? Is it when you're helping others style their wardrobe, find resources in the community, when you're teaching or singing or making people laugh. Explore that, be willing to be vulnerable and share your gifts.

And, don't give all the power to your circumstance. Write down your excuses and cross them out. Don't let doubt and insecurity tell you that you haven't read enough books, there are people more experienced than you, the market is saturated. You are uniquely you and someone is waiting to hear from someone just like you.

Food for thought:

The biography of every successful person who has ever grinded their way to the top has three parts: dream, struggle, success. Which phase are you in? How committed are you on a scale from 1-10?

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