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Put Me In Coach, I'm Ready!

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

The content before your eyes is a small account of the progress I have made in my 15 years of military and corporate experiences to include the challenges I have had to overcome to achieve success and fulfillment. There have been times I have been sidelined, overlooked and underpaid due to my race, my sex and my position yet I still thrive. It is my goal to help you navigate these day-to-day situations with grace and without compromising your integrity. I have been working on this content for years. Yes, you read correctly YEARS! I would write and write but nothing felt like the right words or good enough. For some time I questioned if I'm the right person to give the message, am I ready, am I evolved enough? Should I niche down? Is a lifestyle blog to broad? Should I just stick to self-development and confidence?

Let's see: I apply my makeup to Nicki Minaj's Queen album; I listen to Cardi B before staff meetings, and you may catch me on vacation in a thong-kini living my best life, but it doesn't change the fact I AM A BELIEVER through and through, how will my readers perceive that?

I had to realize that was fear and procrastination in another form. There is nothing transformational about hearing from a "perfect vessel". I can give you my resume, I can show you all the steps to get the promotions and all the negotiating tools I have but I would be remiss not to share the role my faith played in this journey.

I am here to remind you that GOD is the foundation, and there is an educational component that no university can give you in your pursuit of success and happiness. Understanding of who you are and more importantly, who God says you are is the key to REAL success.

"Everything I have and that I've accomplished is a result of my faith in God to hear my heart and bring me peace and protection."

The pages are filled with things that he has placed on my heart and I feel a responsibility to use my voice, my platform and my experiences to be a blessing to those who seek to grow themselves as much they want to grow professionally. I am hoping that's you. I want to help you build a life that makes people look at you and say, "how does she do it?"

If everyone else is experts and gurus and living their dreams, I'll be the beginner with you. Some of us are still in the dream-building phase and that's ok. Don't let society rush you! I am a proud member of God's Unfinished Projects Society. Let's seek him together, let's be the proof that God is still working miracles in this world. Don't be mislead, the grind is required but, no one comes up alone. I am here to help you refill your cup, clear the sweat from your eyes and help you stay in the game. The WIN is inevitable!

So here it is… my truth, my journey, and his grace. I encourage you to talk back to me and share with me how he's working in your life or even if you can't see him working share that too, we all have had moments where it's hard to hear God's voice in the midst of our circumstances and that’s what community is for.

Share one thing or area in your life that you feel stuck and how you plan to free yourself and if you are not ready to share with the world, you can email me at

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